Karen & I are best friends! We both grew up in the same small Idaho town of Emmett. We were friends growing up and dated in high school. We have been married for 20 years. We are the proud parents of 8 wonderful children, who are the reason for what we do. We have a passion for life that includes family, friends, and helping other people achieve their dreams. We believe that each day is a gift that we have to bless the lives of others.  Life was meant to be lived to its fullest. We believe that there is greatness in each of us and that we should pursue that greatness in ourselves and help others pursue their greatness.  That is where true happiness comes from.  We look forward to getting to know you and the opportunity to look you in the eyes and tell you that “You are a Winner, endowed with the seeds of greatness. You can be anything you dream of being. God planted seeds in you. This is a team that will set you free!”

When we started studying success principles we were very much like a lot of people. We wanted to be happy and we definitely had many happy moments in our life. We had known each other since we were little, grew up and got married and were doing what our environment had taught us to do to bring success. I was consulting and Karen was a mom. The only challenge was that there were a lot of stresses with time and money. We had six kids and one on the way when we started working with our mentors. Most people thought we were doing well especially for the size of family we had, but we were really struggling with what we knew we wanted, time with our family and providing the kind of lifestyle and opportunities for them that we dreamed of. This definitely created stress, but we didn’t see anybody in our situation doing any better so we were happy so to speak, because we are happy by nature.


Our mentors taught us that the way we thought about time and money was the very thing that was causing our struggle with time and money. They said life is a series of choices and the choices you make each day either take you towards success or away from it. They said that we had to learn to not trade our time for money, which is all we had ever seen. They also said they would be willing to mentor us and teach us how to change our thinking which would change our life. We were so excited we felt like a little kid again at Christmas time…you remember the Christmas before you found out that Santa had some help. You are so excited because the possibilities are endless. Anything is possible under that tree with Santa Claus. But remember the year you found out he had some help, sleeping that Christmas eve wasn’t so difficult. That is the point we had reached in our lives. When we began our association and mentorship with this team we found out that that feeling can still exist. You can have anything in life you want if you will find a mentor and listen, learn, and act.

The thing that we have learned in our struggles toward victory is that, “The bigger the struggle the bigger the victory!” Struggles will come, expect them, turn to your mentor….listen-learn and most of all act. We have so much to learn, but thank the Lord every day for the opportunity to learn at the feet of such an  incredible people builders as this Winner Walkin organization. They are so patient and we are learning that in order to be a leader you have to work like your success depends on no one but you and be patient with everyone. People grow if you love them. We are excited about our future.  Find a mentor! Listen-Learn-Act!

We hope you enjoyed your visit to our Winner Walkin website. If you are like us you have probably developed some questions after reviewing the material.

What is this all about?

Is this something that I could do?

Like many people in today’s economic world we were looking to add some income to our family finances. We were not sure if this would be it, but we were sure of one thing, we needed to do something different than we were doing or else learn to settle for a lot less than our current goals and dreams.

So we decided to take a look at Winner Walkin and found through personal association with the Winner Walkin organization some incredible people who became our friends and mentors.

They reminded us of something we were taught as children, “We become like those we associate with.” They said, “Why would it be any different with finances?”  They were happy and that is really what we were after. They taught us that the “happy” they had developed, had come from learning and implementing true principles about time and money.

We have through association with Winner Walkin increased our income and spend more time with our family than ever before.

One of the best pieces of counsel we were ever given is to listen to those who have experience at what you want. Becoming a successful doctor is not possible by talking to a mechanic. If we want different finances than we or any of our friends have it makes sense to talk to someone who has developed good finances. For us that has made all the difference in the world. What we were after, was time with our family, but were giving up most of that time trying to earn money to take care of our family. Through our association with Winner Walkin we have gained some time back and increased our finances incredibly.

If you would like to sit down for a few minutes we would be happy to share some details with you that will give you enough information that you too will be able to make a quality decision. If you see what we saw we will help you pursue it, if not there is absolutely no pressure. Our experience with building teams of people is that we work to create something that people want to be a part of so there will never be any pressure…

If you choose we look forward to sitting down with you for a few minutes…

Have a great day!

Rich & Karen Brinkerhoff